Police tortured my disabled son to death

 the CCTV camera. His nagging act went viral on social media but later arrested him on August 30.

A day after he was arrested, police announced he had died in police custody. His father, Muhammad Afzaal, claimed that his son was being brutally tortured.

"I bathed his body with my own hands and saw his bruises with my own eyes," Afzaal said on Wednesday at the SAMAA TV program Awaz.

He described the marks on Salahuddin's body and said: "The skin in his right arm was burnt, either by electrocution or with an iron, and there were large wounds to his left arm that were raised.

"One of his eyes was black and swollen, his hands and fingers were discolored, as if tied with ropes," Afzaal said.

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Salahuddin's father on Monday charged a case against three police officers over the death of his son. The FIR is registered under sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 34 (general intent) of the Pakistan Criminal Code.

The suspects include City A-Division SHO Mehmoodul Hassan and Deputy Inspector Shafaat Ali and Assistant Sub Inspector Matloob Hussain. Other policemen who were on duty when Salahuddin died were also mentioned.

"My son has suffered from a mental illness since childhood," said Afzaal. He said Salahuddin was admitted to a mental institution in Chaman for a year and a half, but there was no improvement in his health. "We wrote [his] home address on his arm, because his mind is not working well," he said.

According to the deceased's father, this was not the first time Salahuddin was arrested or involved in a robbery. "I received a lot of complaints earlier and he was arrested many times," he added. My son even went to the Adiala jail twice, he said. "But people usually brought him home after seeing the address on his arm," he said.

"He was presented to a judge earlier, who sent him back after seeing that he had suffered a cognitive impairment," Afzaal said.

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Salahuddin was missing for many days and the family found out that his son had been arrested by the Rahim Yar Khan on charges of media robbery. "I contacted the police officers but received no information about my son."

Afzaal said police also sent the body of Salahuddin for an investigation into a mortar without notifying the family. Police notified the family of his death a day later. Afzaal said he was unable to receive the body because he filed an FIR at the time. His other relatives received it in Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

According to police, the suspect was moved to Sheikh Zayed Hospital after complaining of suffocation, but he died on the way. Law enforcement officers did not initially disclose his post-mortem report. However, the autopsy report released later describes marks on the right hand, right leg and near his right eye.

A video of Salahuddin in custody was also made on social media. In the video, the deceased asks “Where did you learn these methods of torturing people?” Another video went viral, in which one police officer holds his arms, while the other police hit him. Photos of his bruised body are also shared on social media.

However, no arrests were made. Punjab police have refused to make a statement.

On Wednesday, DSP Abbas Akhtar was suspended for "misconduct / inefficiency". His suspension is payable.

The Punjab Police came under fire for not acting against the concerned police officer.

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