Fiza Ali reveals her father

Pakistani actor and host Fiza Ali, who is known for not interviewing much and not talking about her personal life, revealed that her father had beaten her mother even when she was pregnant.

"My dad once hit my mom so badly that she injured her lower jaw, to the extent that there was blood everywhere. It's something the neighbors told me later, "she told GNN in an interview.

Ali shared that her father never cared for her mother or his children. He never earned for the family, but her mother came from a wealthy background, she said.

"My dad's side of the family was pretty stable and good-natured, but my dad just didn't want to do any work," Ali says. She added that her mother, on the other hand, came from a very wealthy family, so her father asked for her money. "He would have beaten my mother if she refused to give him money, and this is possibly the only time he would talk to her."

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My mother did everything for us, she also played the role my father had to play in our lives, Ali said, and her father meant nothing to her. "He was my mother's husband and that's it," she said.

Ali also said that her father never cared for them and abused her mother also affected her friendships. She said she had never befriended girls close to their fathers. If a girl says she loves her dad, that would mean she could never be Ali's friend.

"I got jealous of other kids at school. Their fathers had picked them up before and they would boast about getting gifts from them. As a result, I never became friends with children who had healthy relationships with their fathers, 'Ali revealed.

Ali also shared that most of her friends do not have fathers, which was something she was most comfortable with. To prevent him from talking about her father, Ali starts telling people that she is dead. In reality, she has no idea where he is.

However, the actor said she forgave her father for what he did to her just because he was her mother's husband, not because he was her father.

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